Sophia Introna won a BAY AREA THEATRE CRITIC'S CIRCLE AWARD for Best Featured Actress for her portrayal of 'Nancy' in Groundhog Day The Musical at San Francisco Playhouse.

The San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle 2020 Awards for 2019


The most beautiful song is "Playing Nancy," a ballad about superficial perceptions of women, delivered in a quietly showstopping solo turn by Sophia Introna.

-Jim Gladstone Bay Area Reporter


When the pretty gal that Phil ultimately beds for a night sings “Playing Nancy,” one of the shows better numbers lamenting the one-night stand for women, the unbelievably lovely Sophia Introna.

-Tony Frankel  Stage and Cinema

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Sophia was chosen

as Houston Chronicle's Top 5 Standout performances of 2019 for her role of Wendla in 'Spring Awakening' 


Sophia Introna, “Spring Awakening”

Introna took on a role that requires courage — Wendla, a teenager girl desperate to learn about sex and love but caught in a conservative society that lacked the proper education and mentorship that she needed. The actor sung the opener, “"Mama Who Bore Me," beautifully. She carried that same energy throughout this remarkable musical produced by Theatre Under the Stars.

-Wei-Huan ChenHouston Chronicle 

Wendla (a terrific Sophia Introna), a teenage girl who lives in a religious-conservative German town in the 1800s. Introna’s depiction of naïve horniness as Wendla was never cheap, never superficial — she makes you feel the girl’s desire, in her singing and speaking and body language.

-Wei-Huan Chen Houston Chronicle 

His work with Sophia Introna's divinely nuanced Wendla particularly shines, the two of them showing a chemistry and trust that feels authentic. Their "The Word of Your Body" lingers on way after the scene ends, the audience still transfixed by their performances.

-Alric Davis  BrowadwayWorld 

Sophia Introna and Wonza Johnson, as young lovers Wendla and Melchior, possess sexy youth and power-ballad voices

D. L. Groover  Houson Press

Interview with CW39 Houston. 

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In The Heights 


Sophia Introna is adorably down to earth as Vanessa, transmitting just the right sense of world-weariness. 

-Christopher Arnott, Hartford Courant 


And there's Introna in an amazing debut performance (she just graduated from Rider University in December) as she creates an engaging blend of sass, style
and sensuality. 

-Geary Danihy, Connecticut Critics Circle 


In the second plotline, Usnavi (a winning Niko Touros), the owner of a bodega, who anchors the barrio and guides us, in the audience, through much of the action, dreams of a romance with the sultry man-magnet Vanessa (Sophia Introna, perfectly cast and charismatic) .

-Brooks Applebaum, Connecticut Critics Circle 


The rest of the cast is equally strong with some powerhouse vocals being delivered by Analise Rios (Nina), Sandra Marante (Daniela) and Sophia Introna (Vanessa). 

-Joseph Harrison, Broadway World 


Matching her is Sophia Introna as Vanessa, whom Usnavi has his sights on from the beginning. Introna especially sizzles in her songs with Touros' Usnavi, including "It Won't Be Long Now" and "Champagne," near the end of the show. This actress is also quite striking in the spicy all-female production number, "No Me Diga."

-Zander Opper, Talkin' Broadway 



Bonnie and Clyde 

In a town defined by religion, Blanche is the truest believer and convinces Buck to turn himself in so God will save him. Together, Gerhard and Introna wonderfully portray husband and wife, with love and trust overcoming all.

Soon, the police find where the gang is hiding and a shootout results in the death of police officers, but most tragically, Buck Barrow. Introna gives a heart-wrenching performance as she mourns her husband, and is then torn from his body and arrested.

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